GROOVE & bodyART: The New Party Workout

Full disclosure, I’m what you’d call an ‘uncomfortable’ dancer.

Picture Michael Cera mutating into Elaine Benes with chainsaw arms and that pretty much sums up my vibe on the d-floor.

Being mindful that I’m a complete liability out there, I was hesitant to sample this progressive new style of ‘dancercise’ — but shiiiiiittttttt, am I ever glad I did.

GROOVE feels like Woodstock ’69, sans the brown acid. It’s an interactive dance experience that involves minimal instruction. The facilitator will suggest movements, but the idea is to individually explore creative expressions while the music and your mood paints the floor. Songs ranging from soulful jazz like Peggy Lee’s “Fever” to Peaches’ “Dick In The Air” can produce some pretty moving art. 

And the heavier the mind, the better the release. I arrived knotted in anxiety, yet quickly transformed from the Tin Man into one of those inflatable air tubes that flail in the wind at car dealerships. I was free to snap, grind, jazz hands, hair whip, strut and GROOVE amongst a group of non-judgemental, ageless strangers. There were even poles anchored in the room, needless to say, shit got real. 

Part two of my spiritual sweat involved bodyART. Inspired by the principles of yin and yang yoga, Pilates, dance, and Tai Chi, this is a seriously fun workout. It’s raw, challenging and even poetic. At times I felt like Rafiki from the Lion King but more sexual. There was a lot of floor work, heavy breathing, bending, twisting, holding and moving. Best of all, the music was modern with a tempo that gave me all the feels.

Anyone looking to build strength, flexibility, balance, increased range of motion and confidence, should join this party.

We ended the class by spelling our names in the air using whatever limbs “felt right.” For some weird reason I kept spelling my name wrong, but I didn’t care, because, art.

Stay tuned for details on bodyART/GROOVE class schedules, or visit  To book a GROOVE sesh in Montreal with the beautiful, Stephanie Nairn, email:

Check out more info about bodyART on their website:


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